Many businesses, software developers, and Cash Register/POS Dealers are not aware of the law that covers Point of Sale suppression
devices or zappers. We now have over 30 states that have passed laws that let them file law suits against businesses that void out
sales and keep the sales tax money that they collect from the customer. Sales tax money is the customers money given to the business
to pass on to the state Sales Tax Department every month. Keeping the sales tax money collected is a criminal offense and could result
in jail time.

Our government and some states are spending more money than they take in from taxes and some states are getting more aggressive in
collecting that money. There is no statue of limitation on tax fraud. Illinois filed a lawsuit against a restaurant owner that had 11
restaurants and was doing over 40 million in sales every year. That owner spent a year in jail and had to pay back over on million
dollars in court ordered restitution.

Many business owners and franchise operators are not aware of what to look for if an employee is using sales suppression devise or
zapper on your POS system. Our consulting division can help you as to what to look for to protect yourself against an employee that may
be cheating you.

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